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Lynx International "two-eleven" Data Access Customs System
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Alibaba Groups international network Lynx shopping platform on October 30 announced that double "during November" has opened up cross-border electricity supplier data and Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guangzhou 3 Customs and other departments. Currently, Lynx International, Paypal, the underlying data rookie unified access tripartite customs logistics information system for the distribution of goods abroad back home to create a fast-track.
Reporters learned that "two-eleven" on the eve of Hangzhou and Ningbo Bonded warehouses have been full of a lot of store selling goods from the United States, South Korea, Japan and other countries. These goods do not have to go through layers of domestic sales of intermediate retailers by Lynx international direct sale, you can express directly to consumers across the country.

Specific processes include lower consumer orders, Lynx international background system automatically orders and other information to the customs information system data synchronization, customs authorities can always check the origin of these commodities, commodity, quantity, price, and tax information. Since the early stocking in a bonded warehouse, Lynx international businesses have been doing pre-filing product information in the customs, the customs may examine all the qualifications of these imported goods in advance.

It is understood that before the data open up overseas retail entry, if not ahead of commodities for the record, customs officers require manual verification of merchandise to determine whether immigration, customs tariffs can not be calculated in advance, is difficult to estimate the number of goods requiring customs clearance , prone to cause the parcel is not timely clearance of the backlog.

Through this model, goods from overseas orders, transport, customs clearance, domestic hand delivered to the flow of goods from one or two months or even longer be shortened to one week or less.

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