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1. Quality inspection certificate is valid credentials exports and imports of goods delivery settlement of claims settlement; certificate statutory inspection of goods, import and export goods declaration is legal credentials, output inputs. Release orders and declarations stamped on the release of chapter there and commodity inspection agency inspection certificate issued by the same clearance effect; inspection of the notice issued by the same inspection certificate properties.
2. The weight or quantity inspection certificate, the export of goods delivery settlement, the issue valid certificates of lading and import commodities settlement of claims; weight certificate of export commodities, but also customs taxes and freight, handling costs calculated documents abroad.
3. veterinary inspection certificate, proof of export of animal products or food through quarantine inspection documents. Suitable for frozen meat, frozen poultry, livestock, canned, frozen rabbit, hides, wool, velvet, bristles, casings and other export commodities. Is foreign delivery, bank settlement and important documents of the importing country clearance inputs.
4. Health / health certificate is to prove after a health inspection and quarantine documents or export of animal products for human consumption and food available. Suitable for casings, canned, frozen fish, shrimps, food, eggs, dairy products, honey is an effective document delivery outside the banks foreign exchange and customs clearance.
5. disinfection inspection certificate, proof of export of animal products after disinfection treatment, to ensure health and safety documents. Applies to bristle, horsetail, hides, goat hair, feathers, human hair and other commodities, is foreign delivery, bank settlement and effective customs clearance of foreign credentials.
6. fumigation certificate, proof of export for cereal grains, oilseeds, pulses, hides and other commodities, as well as packaging timber with vegetable filling, etc., has been pest fumigation certificate.
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