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Ningbo intercepted largest trading fraud waste materials together this year
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See moment goods, engaged in foreign trade for many years, Ms. Yang dumbfounded. Obviously own batch of imported copper scrap, did not expect the goods to the port, but it turned into a scrap iron.
Although there are waste, but copper and iron, both the number of times the price difference. This substitution, their losses could reach more than 400 million.

To come to the Netherlands supplier

Can speak fluent Chinese and

Ms. Yang in Ningbo runs an import and export company, mainly engaged in the import of metallic materials and other goods.

July of this year, his company received a strange phone call, said Holland, a metal export company that can supply copper scrap for them. However, a phone call, but it is a Chinese girl. On the phone, the other party has repeatedly described the company how formal, how to be responsible.

"Because not worked, we certainly will not easily trust each other." Ms. Yang said the company responsible for the beginning, this family to come to their own suppliers as well as alert. But then the other side says, method of payment can be paid 10% of the deposit, until the cargo is loaded, and then pay 10%, and then pay the remaining balance due when you can send out the goods after, Ms. Yang received a bill of lading.

Because there just import demand, Yang finally signed a contract this import. The total weight of copper scrap imported 168.94 tons, with a total value of $ 725,103.7.

At this time, Ms. Yang also seen packing goods in the Netherlands photo, looks, and the other promises are consistent. The inspection certificate before the local inspection and quarantine departments to provide goods packing also showed no different goods with the contract said. All signs seem, this is a normal transaction.

Late last month, the shipment and finally to the port of Ningbo. Prior to this, the company has received the original bill of lading, and all trade money paid.

However, inspection of cargo to the port when her incredible thing happened. After inspection and quarantine departments in Ningbo site inspection and sampling identified, the actual goods do not conform with the declared name. In other words, he used to be imported copper waste and scrap, to Ningbo, has become a scrap iron.

"Scrap import prices to more than 20,000 yuan per ton, but as long as a few hundred dollars cheaper scrap metal, a difference of a few times." Ms. Yang realized that he ran a liar, and the loss of this substitution, the company may reaches more than 400 million.

The case is also the largest trading fraud waste materials together this year, Ningbo Port intercepted.

Substitution is likely to occur in the

Dutch Customs after inspection

Goods are found not to post, Ms. Yang contacted the other company immediately.

In this case, the name of the clerk of the phone that has been able to get through. Other officers of the company back to the phone, said she went to the Czech treatment business, people not in the company.

October 8, the company said they would send someone to Ningbo for processing and inform Yang specific flight times and other information. Full of joy Yang thought there was hope, joy result is empty, which is also a scam.

After the phone call the other side, it has not contact Exalted.

Currently, Ms. Yangs company has reported to the police department, the goods have been implemented returned. In addition, inspection and quarantine departments will also report to the Dutch police stationed overseas by the inspection and quarantine agencies.

So, how are Diaobao goods?

Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine relevant staff analysis said, because the investigation verify photos before packing and packing are normal, substitution is likely to occur after the Dutch local port inspection. "Either before shipment, either at sea on the way, but relatively speaking, the possibility of substitution of the shipping process is not."

It is understood that similar trade fraud, last September had also occurred in the Ningbo Port. After investigation, was illegal foreign traders sneak in before shipment will be loaded into cargo containers have been replaced within the stolen bag.

Lawyer Weapon

Meet international fraud

The most important stolen goods

Although the goods were returned, but because the money has come to the other hands, how to recover the money? Ms. Yang is a little helpless.

It is understood that as a big city, Ningbo foreign trade enterprises in foreign cheated cases, an average of at least 100 cases occur each year, the kind of deception involving contract fraud, credit fraud and fictitious transactions to conceal information in several ways.

For such international fraud, Beijing Wei Heng (Ningbo) Law Firm 傅利彬 said transnational crime involving jurisdictional issues, but also involve major crime to whether to join the international conventions, whether China has bilateral trade agreements.

And generally speaking, cross-border trade fraud involves two aspects: the recovery of the stolen money and the truth. But deceived businesses, the truth has not much meaning, so the key is stolen goods. However, for most companies, the high cost and difficulty of stolen goods, because the other side is likely to wipe away the traces of illicit money through Swiss bank withdrawals or go to a variety of ways. Therefore, the international trade fraud is also known as the efficiency of crime, namely the relatively high cost recovery and arrest.

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