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Maoming Port forward to a modern deep water port
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Maoming Port is an important hub for the coastal areas of Guangdong Province, an important port and regional integrated transport system, is an important basis for economic and social development in Maoming City and external development, is an important engine for the development and construction of Binhai New Area of Maoming, Maoming City, adjust the industrial structure, to undertake industrial transfer, the development of an important support for the port industry. But all along, Maoming Port cargo throughput capacity of the presence of low, port facilities and other issues behind, waterfront advantage does not really play out, unable to spare the sea "article." To this end, the city in recent years, the Binhai New Area in Maoming, Maoming Port Group as the main body, to speed up port construction, Maoming Port will gradually develop into advanced facilities, comprehensive, efficient management, significant benefits, environmental protection and modern civilization, multi-functional, comprehensive of the port.
Port construction has foundation

The city has a total length of 182.8 km of coastline, Maoming Port planning shoreline length 50.1 km, which has developed the port of coastline 6.04 km. According to the City Department of Transportation data show that at the end of 2013, the completion of various production Maoming Port berths 19, including 9-ton berths, maximum berthing capacity of 300,000 tons (single point mooring), designed annual capacity of the port 22.17 million tons (container annual capacity 100,000 teu, passenger capacity 200,000 visitors). 2000 Maoming Port throughput exceeded 10 million tons in 2000 to 2011 the average annual total port cargo throughput increased by 7.8%. 2013 port cargo throughput of 23.7 million tons; in which foreign trade cargo throughput of 12.59 million tons, an increase of 11%; container throughput 84,000 teu, an increase of 41.2%.

Maoming Port has been completed and the construction of the port there are three, namely, water Donggang, Bohe Bohe Port and New Port, another is planning the development of the port of Jeddah.

Water is the main work area Donggang Maoming Port, has built 14 productive berths, of which 8 million berths, the port capacity 11.06 million tons, mainly oil products, liquid chemicals, coal, container pier the Lord. 2012 cargo throughput of 13 million tons.

Bohe port an existing 1,000 tons less productive berths 1, travel berths 4 and a number of fishing berths. Bohe Port currently the main service in fishery production, is an important base for marine fishing industry in Maoming City, Guangdong Province, one of the three major fishing port.

Bohe new port is the city is focused on the development and construction of the port, the sea port built 250,000-ton single-point mooring device 1 set in 1994, has been upgraded to 300,000 tons, is Chinas first set of built a single point of offshore oil loading and unloading systems. The system is 63.8 by 14.5 subsea pipelines and pipeline connection to the Maoming refinery, supporting the construction of 2.725 million cubic meters onshore tank, berth capacity of 11 million tons, 10.88 million tons of crude oil in 2012 unloading. So far a total of 721 safe loading and unloading tankers, loading and unloading of oil 145 million tons.

According to the plan, Jeddah port layout will combine the timely start of the development of the port industry to serve the petrochemical industry, mainly borne chemical transport oil, the future scale with the improvement of port and related conditions, the progressive development of containers, bulk cargo transport .

In terms of waterway construction, water Donggang currently 11.6 km long navigational channel, designed for 30,000 tons grade level. Is divided into two sections inside and outside the fairway, fairway length of 4.2km, the outer channel length 7.4km. Bohe New Port 300,000 tons waterway project (first 150,000-ton) is undergoing preliminary studies, pre-feasibility study has been completed.

Accelerate the development of new port Bohe

Bohe new port is the port of Maoming Port expand the scale and improve overall transport capacity of the main support to the construction of modern large-scale deepwater port area as the goal, to serve the economic development needs of the hinterland. Bohe New Port by building large specialized deepwater dock to undertake coal, crude oil and other bulk cargo transport, taking into account the bulk cargo transportation, guide energy and electricity, equipment manufacturing and other port industry layout, comprehensive development of the logistics, information, integrated services and other modern services, accelerate the formation of a regional integrated transport hub, and gradually developed into an important scale, integrated port in western Guangdong. According Bohe new port planning, the construction of more than 40 berths available about where: 50,000-ton berths below about 6-8, 50,000 tons -30 tons berths about 33.

Bohe New Port breakwater construction is divided into East and West Breakwater, East Breakwater total length of 5553 meters, a total length of 3098 meters west breakwater, with a total investment of 2.581 billion yuan. Currently, the eastern breakwater construction surface concrete has been in full swing, push to fill the length of 730 meters; west breakwater approach temporary road clearing tables has completed 500 meters. After East and West breakwater completed, will greatly improve the inner harbor mooring conditions, reduce the cost of construction standards and within the harbor pier. Can form encircling the basin area of ​​60,000 square kilometers, an area of ​​11.2 square kilometers terminal operations, forming a throughput capacity of 120 million tons.

In bohe Newport area, various ancillary facilities and marina-related projects is accelerating.

Guangzhou Port Terminal Project is located in the northern section of Universal Maoming Port Bohe new port area west of the shoreline and plans to build three 70,000-ton and a 35,000-ton berths and the corresponding common facilities, with a total investment of about 2.2 billion yuan. Project feasibility study report has been completed and will be reviewed by experts.

Bohe New Port coal yard project located in the East Tower Ridge Mountains Qiunan slope, the project covers an area of ​​67.8698 million square meters, including construction of roads, auxiliary construction areas, storage areas and greening and other facilities, warehousing and stockpiling goods is mainly pulverized coal, lump coal, planning to store the scale of 732,000 tons, plans to invest 688,865,200 yuan.

Bohe new chemical storage project is located in the Eastern port town of East Court Ridge Electric hills north slope of the surface, the project covers a total area of ​​57.8529 million square meters, including construction of roads, auxiliary construction zone warehousing and green facilities, the total tank storage capacity of 180 Articles, mainly used for storage of crude oil and refined oil products (gasoline, diesel, etc.), plans to invest 600,466,400 yuan.

Sinochem storage project is located in Maoming Maoming Port Bo Ling Tung Ho south of New Port East Court, plans to build about 1,148,000 legislation refined oil, fuel oil and liquid chemicals storage facilities as well as supporting the two 30,000-ton, 2 80,000 tons of liquid chemical wharf. The total investment of about 2.1 billion yuan. At present, the project has completed pre-feasibility report, the special report under study in preparation.

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