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Andre care by special: SOHAR Port is an ideal port of China to support a new five-year plan period
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FTA chief executive SOHAR Andre care by special express, SOHAR port and free trade zone location, to become China shipping industry in the Middle East with a competitive base. A few weeks ago, the former Maersk Central Europe, the current CEO of the Port of Rotterdam announced that Chile shipping giant - CSAV has the Middle East and China Express (CMX) to reach agreements, allowing the latter access to Oman logistics hub.
CSAV is Latin Americas largest shipping company, is the worlds oldest shipping companies. The company was founded in 1872, has more than 4,000 employees on five continents, and similarly with the shipping company American President (APL), to provide express service between the Middle East and China and SOHAR harbor. Like the South American Steamship Company, US President shipping company (APL) Reputation for excellence, is the worlds seventh largest container shipping company. Mr. Torr by special explained that direct port of Sohar port belongs to the cost reductions brought about is to attract other large shipping companies choose its main cause.

"SOHAR harbor unique geographical position in the region, because we can make shipping companies access to the booming Gulf region, without going through the Strait of Hormuz. Plus expanding road, rail and air transport, bringing freight growth, thereby reducing the cost of doing business in Oman, which means that we can become Chinese shipping companies in the Gulf region at very competitive base, "Mr. Torr by special express.

"SOHAR FTA can provide foreign-owned right up to one-stop shop to handle all tax holidays and business licenses, permits and approvals and other incentives for twenty five years. As the Middle Easts most competitive FTA, SOHAR port also provides opportunities for doing business here for Chinese enterprises. in addition, we are also actively contact the relevant parties to seek investment opportunities, "he added.

Mr. according to special care, said: cargo transportation business between the Middle East and China continues to expand, with a few months ago the company decided to open Oman International Trade Office in Shanghai, trade relations between China and Oman are moving in a positive and encouraging way forward . The establishment of the office will expand market opportunities between Oman and the Asian emerging markets, while working to create synergies and partnerships of oil derivatives, gas and petrochemical industries.

"The Shanghai office provides us with a to make economic growth in Asia and the Gulf of Oman a great opportunity to practice by the market has been identified, which SOHAR Port is a great good news - especially when you consider that Oman when the refineries and oil industry companies currently investing $ 1.5 billion expansion, plans to move its production from 116,000 barrels of oil per day increased to about 180,000 barrels, "Mr. Torr by special notes.

Mr. Torr by special also mentioned, in addition to a program to build 67,000 kilometers of rail network to connect the Gulf region $ 250 billion of investment projects, can take advantage of a free trade zone SOHAR Oman and the US Free Trade Agreement, for needs transshipment cargo to and from the United States, China shipped shipping company, is also a good news.

"By 2014, China Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd. and China Ocean Shipping Company China accounted for 15% of imports from the US containerized cargo market share, and will greatly benefit from Oman and the United States free trade agreement."

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SOHAR port and free trade zone is located in the middle of a deep-sea port and free trade zone, located in the Sultanate of Oman, about 200 kilometers northwest of the capital Muscat. The port is currently invested more than 15 billion US dollars, is the largest port and free trade zone in the world, located in the center of global trade routes between Europe and Asias. SOHAR Port allows shipping companies to access the countrys booming Gulf region, but no extra cost flight through the Strait of Hormuz. Free Trade Area of ​​the existing road network and future rail and air system can straight UAE and Saudi Arabia, as well as other parts of the world. SOHAR deepwater harbor marina can accommodate the worlds largest ships. SOHAR Hong Kong with leading global partners, including Hutchison Whampoa, the World Day Wei Aman (C. Steinweg Oman), oil storage company Odfjell (Oiltanking Odfjell) and Svetlana Hazel Ltd (Svitzer) with container operations, dry cargo, liquid and gas freight station. SOHAR port and free trade zone currently consists SOHAR Industrial Port Company (Sohar Industrial ort Company SIPC) management, the company is the port of Rotterdam and the Sultanate of Oman joint venture.

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